A companion app for people looking to make positive change in their lives
A companion app for people looking to make positive change in their lives
Masterlife structures pathways for people to positively change their habits in a conscious and purposeful manner. It address 8 areas of life, ranging from personal growth to business and finance, and offers 30-day courses to self improve. Through a range of different assessments, Masterlife recommends the most relevant courses that will benefit the user. The primary challenge for us was to develop a design system that is modular and flexible for ever-changing startup goals.

What We Did:

UX/Visual Design & Development

Built With:

Flutter, NodeJS, React


Firebase, Google Cloud Platform


In-App Purchase


The team analysed an existing landscape of products in the self-help area. We also examined the Masterlife target group specifically, to gain a better and contextual understanding.
Through collaborative workshops with the client and interviews with the target group, we filtered down all the insights into a manageable list.
“My biggest issue is focus. Whenever I start something, I go all out but then eventually I lose the spark. For example, I was reading seriously last year for about 6 months but then it fizzled out. It’s as if I need constant motivation”
“Once I joined a weight loss program on an app, but I struggled to follow the instructions. It was very generalised, and some of the food recommendations were alien to me”
“I am not social enough and because I work from home I have unhealthy eating habits. I often feel like others are doing more to then me, and I don’t know where to start doing something about it”
  1. Varied assessments to help identify gaps and opportunities
  2. Self-paced that hand-hold the user as they engage
  3. Group programs that help motivate the user to complete daily tasks
  4. Everyday reminders and notifications
  5. Video and Book Summaries
  6. Subscriptions and single course purchase
  7. Admin panel for content upload built with React



Anirudh Narayan

CEO, Masterlife
“Honestly if you want to create a global product with a strong focus on UI/UX, you should definitely collaborate with 1st Main. They're professional, highly process driven and their integrity is high. They might be one of the few dev shops in India that are extremely reliable and can deliver end to end products. Both Kiran & Kinnari along with their team bring a lot of their global experience into the day to day so that's key.”