The Team

We are a team of designers, entrepreneurs and engineers. Our shared values and ideals inspire us to do the work that we do everyday.

Kiran Photo
Kiran Nambiar

Co-founder & CEO

Kinnari Photo
Kinnari Thakker

Co-founder & Experience Designer

Akshay Photo
Akshay Krishnan

Software Engineer

Sitara Photo
Sitara Menon

Head of Projects

Uday Photo
Uday Reddy

Full Stack Developer

Tanushree Photo
Tanushree Bose

Senior UX Designer

Caroline Photo
Caroline Francis

UX Designer

Gokul Photo
Gokul Krishnan

Full Stack Developer

Rahul Photo
Rahul Anand

Strategist & Copywriter

Shagun Photo
Shagun Shah

Visual Designer

Kiran Photo
Kiran Nambiar

Full Stack Developer

Shreshta Photo
Shreshta Jaisingh

Senior Visual Designer